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Our Premier LED Sign Series will deliver a dynamic advertising impact. With bold colors, the highest contrast ratio, and superior quality construction, our clients will recognize a difference in appearance and performance to other LED signs.
With SERIES 51, get an Insured 5 yr parts and on-site service warranty, plus 1 yr free content creation with SM Infinity Cloudware.
The Phoenix™ Full Color and the Raven™ Grayscale LED Sign Series are the result of meticulous engineering with attention to every detail.
Our clients will witness the result of passion, vision and care we put into our products.




Darwin™ Solid State Control Unit. Our internal video industrial controller (powered by intel) handles the most demanding of high resolution graphics and video featuring a solid state hard drive; no moving parts and no overheating, faster data retrieval and reliability.
Dragon Skin™ is a more versatile, rugged and an environmentally friendly coating on LED sign cabinets resulting in a highly scratch-resistant coating which is flexible and allows for the general expansion/shrinkage.
Our superior high contrast modules feature a unique dual louver design to shade pixels from the sun and ambient light for a true black against our vibrant spectrum of colors. Each module has quick release half-turn accessibility with neoprene seals that adjust to all weather conditions.
Our conformal coated power supplies have a protective coating on the electronics inside further protecting the power supply
from condensation and breakdown increasing the reliability and life of the power supply by 25%.
Enhanced performance with virtual resolution is not a myth, its real technology
resulting in smoother graphics and extremely fluid video that does not require more power or strain the display.




SM Infinity™ cloudware gives you remote advertising control via PC, Mac or iPad, the ability to request professionally designed dynamic content, create quick content with Doodle™ Online Message Editor along with automated diagnostics all from the cloud
maximizing the advertising potential of your LED sign.
LightSpeed™ Media Software gives you the power you need, without the complications. This powerful yet simple local software
provides a host of tools to create, schedule and deliver exciting content to the LED sign.
LightForce™ Billboard Management Software is empowering software that gives our clients complete control
of their advertising LED billboard assets.




Vantage Online University is comprised of Video Classes and a Resource Library. We believe this ever-changing industry demands our attention to be thought leaders for tomorrow. With this proactive resourceful approach, our dealer partners will always be a step ahead.

GET POWERED by Vantage LED: Your Trusted Partner, Manufacturer and Resource.

By providing powerful resources, our dealers gain the knowledge they need about this unique product to support their clients
and become a powerful Vantage Partner.

Vantage LED was founded by developing a high caliber scalable product coupled with great relationships nourished by valuable
resources and real human support.

Witness accomplishments only possible with a strong synergy between our teams, our dealer partners and OEM partners.



Never An Ordinary Experience

Kyla & David have been huge assets to BSI in our sales presentations as well as our trade show efforts. It’s rare to find such supportive vendor partners in today’s volatile business environment. -Burton Signworks Inc.